Student Forms

Informed Consent

Students (and legal guardians if student is under 19) must be made aware of and understand the inherent risks associated with specific fieldwork as well as the prescribed risk reduction techniques to be utilized. It is the responsibility of the student to understand and follow established University, and unit related policies and procedures at all times. Failure to comply with safety requirements or intentionally compromising themselves or the safety of others may result in immediate dismissal from the activity at the discretion of the supervisor. Payment for costs associated with the immediate and safe transport of the student from the trip site due to unsafe behavior is responsibility of the student.

Domestic Travel (within Canada) – General waiver template

Wellness Centre РVancouver Campus

Health and Wellness РOkanagan Campus


This information is gathered in the case of an emergency. Supervisors may require a copy of their student health forms while traveling with students. It is recommended that a copy be kept at your faculty/school office in a secure location. Students should only include information that they are comfortable with sharing.

Note: students will not be denied the opportunity for travel based on disclosure of a health condition unless traveling poses significant health risks. In this event, Health and Wellness will provide advisory support on how to proceed.

Okanagan Campus: Student Medical Information Form

Vancouver Campus: Form under development