UBC travelers are advised to seek appropriate medical advice before traveling. While faculty and staff are empowered to make their own choices with respect to medical protection, it is strongly advised that the choice be based on medical advice. Certain health conditions may affect your ability to travel safely. Advice, inoculations and prophylaxis can be provided for the Okanagan Campus through the Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centre, check out Kelowna Travel Clinic or for the Vancouver Campus, check out the Travel Clinic Vancouver.

Travelers should also consult with the travel health notices by the Public Health Agency of Canada – Travel Health Notices as well as their local health authorities.

Interior Health Authority

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and Travel Clinic information


  1. Know before you Go! Research health risks and advisories for the area of travel (even Vancouver can have Measles, Pertussis outbreaks) – Public Health Agency of Canada – Travel Health
  2. Take precautionary measures as per the travel health advisories.
  3. If you are ill before you travel, seek advice or treatment from your Medical Doctor; consider postponing your trip for the health and safety of yourself and others.
  4. Prescription Medicines: obtain a Doctor’s note of explanation of the medications and reason for taking them to avoid potential customs issues.
  5. Pack enough of your prescription medications (in their original packaging with clear, readable labels) for more than the length of your stay and pack medications in two separate places (carry on and suitcase) in case they are lost or stolen.
  6. If you have a pre-existing chronic medical condition, carry a letter from your Doctor outlining your situation and required medications. Some examples of medical conditions requiring a physician can be found here.
  7. Ensure that all those traveling with you (if applicable) are aware of the health recommendations and where to find more information – Public Health Agency of Canada – Travel Health
  8. If you are leaving British Columbia, ensure you have adequate medical coverage. For more info on MSP coverage outside BC, please visit – BC Ministry of Health – Leaving British Columbia.
  9. If you wear glasses or contacts, carry your prescription with you in case of need for replacement
  10. Pack a First Aid Kit with enough supplies to treat minor ailments/injuries for at least half of the travelers.
  11. Be aware of the potential local health risks such as bed bugs and West Nile virus, and pack necessary supplies such as mosquito netting, plastic bed sheets, insect repellent, etc.
  12. Pack a copy of your immunization records.
  13. See your doctor after you have returned from your trip if you notice a change in your health.